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Best Beginner’s 9 Step Guide to Fitness | Getting Started – Shape Up Plan

As soon as you’ve started reading these words, you’ve made a right decision! Congratulations. This goes to each and everyone of you who has always had the interest in getting in shape, going fit, and probably just trying to be healthy, but don’t know where to start. You are at the perfect place if you are one of those. Go grab a cup of coffee and sit along with the others, and welcome to’s

Best Beginner’s 9 Step Guide to Fitness – Getting Started Shape Up Plan


1. One-way Mindset Towards Progress

  • Mindsets does not only affect the way we think about everything, but it’s like an extra armour against obstacles that may stop you from pursuing towards progress. Consider errors, mistakes, and discouragements, and tell yourself in advance that these small things happen and will just make you go even further.
  • This may sound very simple and easy to no impact, but let me tell you that all the great minds consider this as a skill, and I cannot stress enough how amazing someone can be if a total one-way towards progress type of mindset is achieved by that person.
  • Roadblocks for every person may vary, and so you should have that aggressive attitude while setting your mind towards your goal. Start from thinking of the biggest roadblocks and tell yourself that no matter what, these things should never stop you. As early as now, think of the resolutions or reroutes clear to yourself and assure yourself of all the amazing benefits after.

2. Warm-Up Test

  • A lot of non-athletic folks either take this for granted or simply miss this vital step, and is the same reason they easily break down as soon as they start their shape up plan or program. Its purpose is to gauge your current stamina and energy levels, especially if you haven’t been doing any workouts lately or you’re a true beginner and have just set your mind recently in taking care of your fitness.
  • A Warm-Up test consists of the very basics, a good rest, simple stretching from the lower-body to the back, walk for 10 minutes, then jog for about 5 minutes without stopping. There can be a lot of alternatives especially when you can’t go outdoors: Jumping Jacks, Body Weight Squats, and other Lower Body Exercises.
  • At this point, after the warm-up test, you should already be able to easily evaluate yourself and write down how many activities, repetitions, including their durations will there be to jumpstart your shape up plan.

3. Planning and Tracking

  • Let me start with the most important purpose of this. It makes you more serious about what you do. Simple, if you cannot be serious about something, then you know what happens next.
  • We can use any sorts of worksheet like excel, notepad, memo or tracker apps, and like what you might have seen on TV – a spare calendar would be great. We can find tons of free memo or reminder notes at the app store or playstore and install it on our phones.
  • Make those trackers fun, and add a lot of encouraging notes in there to keep yourself reminded of great results in the near future.

4. Learn Stretching and Its Benefits

  • When I was around 14-16 years old, I was addicted to playing basketball, and even played from 6am til it was already 12nn. I have seen a lot of folks exit the game from a few minutes or just in the middle of those hours. Guess what, there was only one common reason, muscle pains and injuries – caused by the one and only thing I have observed, they underestimated putting an appropriate amount of time in proper stretching.
  • Major Benefits: Flexibility, Elasticity of muscles, effect on thoracic spine, increased circulation of blood and oxygen through small tissues and muscles, improved balance, reduced to no risk of injuries, increased neuro-muscular coordination, reduced to no risk of lower back pain, improved balance, and postural awareness.
  • Do no be fancy! The best way to start is to loosen up a bit and shake parts of the body with a little stretching of the back, for good muscle funcionality plus body and brain coordination. I have found a perfect list of demonstrations from wikihow, though there is just one type that is missing and that the steps are written the opposite. Each step holding position for 10-15 seconds, 2-5 repetitions, and 2-5 sets. Start stretching twists of the back, then check the illustrations from step 15 and backwards. – click here. Stretching is done correctly if you feel that slight tension in the muscles as you hold your position and relief after each step.

5. Always Start With Lower Body Strengthening Exercises

  • You may be asking why, but the answer is actually simple. Part of the basics in muscle building and fitness is to first strengthen and build up muscles of the lower body for support, thus lowering the risk as you start building muscles and strength for the mid and upper body sections.
  • Additional importance and benefits: Increase agility, balance, metabolism, stamina, major sports ready, productivity, and more.
  • Again, no fancy tricks! Top picks of exercises at least 5-10 repetitions and 2-4 sets: Standing Calf Raises, Heel Cord Stretching, Marble Pickup, Towel Stretching, Weighted Ankle Lifts, Ankle Rolls, Tip Toed Squat Hops, Jogging, Jumping Jacks, and Runner’s Lunges.

7. The Upper Body Strengthening Exercises

  • Always make sure that you already have worked on your lower body strengthening activities before moving to this section. This already includes exercises for the back and abdomen or mid body section.
  • Upper strength, power, and speed works like a twister, it generates force at the maximum if it starts from your feet, legs, moving to the hips, then a lot of multiplied force from your back muscles, then finally pulled by the front muscles working like the final gear on your mad motorcycle. In the same manner should you work on your upper body strength, as this will provide you benefits such as: reduced upper body muscle injuries, increased body strengthening progress, coordination of the body and the mind  to produce maximum force, etc.
  • Top picks of exercises at least 5-10 repetitions at 2-4 sets: Seated Buterfly Stretching, Standing Hip Extension for lower hip and glutes, Runner’s Lunges, Pendulum Exercise, Wide Grip Pull Ups, Push Ups, Shadow Box, Seated Dumbbell Clean, and Standing Dumbbell Bicep Curls.

8. Finally, Mental Strength Exercises

  • Its importances are similar to our first step majorly, yet it is important to routinely do this exercise. Some other importances include, display of positive behaviors, preparedness to conflicts and roadblocks, receive greater aspirations, and a positive impact to the environment.
  • Mental strength gives you advantages in many ways. It benefits us in whatever we do and wherever we are. And as you build strength, you might wanna get there and use it in a positive manner. promotes being beautiful in all ways as you can see, and for the same reason I highlighted this part of the guide.
  • Building mental strength gives you tons of options that may not be listed here, but they’re all easy to execute. Here are my top picks: Always imagine how would you react positively in a very awkward or discouraging situation, Reading and Feeding on Wisdom, Challenge yourself in everything, Answer puzzles, Count your blessings, and last but definitely not the least, Always remember that behind the most difficult situations comes a great opportunity.

9. Diet and Supplements

  • It is vital to obtain vitamins and minerals from eating healthy foods, though in our generation most of us need supplementation to fill in the gaps due to various reasons such as time to buy and prepare healthy foods all the time.
  • The relevance between colon cleansers, dietary fibres, hemorrhoid treatments, health foods, healthy digestive systems, good metabolism, and shaping up are definitely parallel.
  • More importantly, good shape up builds require fueling your body with sufficient vitamins, to will help you against fatigue, increase resistance, and be more productive. Grab only the supplements that best suite you by visiting our Shop – Click Here.

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