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Best Time To Exercise And Lose Weight

When is the best time to exercise and lose weight

There can be a lot of suggestions in this topic and they tend to be specific in books, magazines, and across the internet, that’s why it is important to make sure we have gathered enough information for us to apply what exactly is the best time to exercise in order to lose weight.

At a glance this question is generically answered by one word “Morning!”, and that is actually a good answer. Energy levels are peaked during the day and drop at night because of your circadian rhythms which impact sleep-wake cycles, hormone release, eating habits and digestion, body temperature, and other important bodily functions. There goes an easy answer to that question if what you’re looking for is simply the best time in general. But hey let’s not forget some of our friends who work on night, evening, or graveyard shifts.

According to an Australian TV show – “What’s Good for You“, exercising in the morning before breakfast gets the best results in a given amount of time. This is based on several studies, and an experiment conducted for the show. Besides doing your exercise course at night can energize you to the point that you might be unable to fall asleep until late. Exercising in the morning is like revving up the engine for the day, however after an evening exercise session it might take you a while to wind down, cutting into sleep time. Lack of sleep will lead to tiredness during the day. Additionally it has been observed that working out in the morning, makes you feel fresh and energized throughout the day – no feeling of sluggishness.

What if my job requires me to start my day too early like 4 am?

After considering all suggestions that we found across the internet, and feedback of fitness and physical conditioning coaches, it all boiled down to ‘having an exercise to lose weight rather than not at all‘.

Some of the most popular articles across the internet would tell that it comes down to what works best for each individual when considering energy levels, motivation levels, and schedules. Like some people feel stronger and more energetic in the morning while others find that later in the day feels best for them. I thought there was something missing from this conclusion.

Isn’t it that a good amount of sleep plays a major factor in losing weight?

This is true, and that is actually the challenge with a lot of people working on night shifts are facing. People who work on night shifts would definitely agree how it can be very difficult to find the right amount of sleep during the day, which is actually normal by nature. Although some people lose weight due to lack of sleep, but this is something that you don’t want as it risks health.

This will also depend on the type of exercises and the amount of time that you can spend within your entire day’s activities and responsibilities may be.

And so what’s the best time to exercise and lose weight?

I believe you’re starting to identify the best answer appropriate for you. It’s one of those great experimentation depending on the amount of information and experience you already have. The actual answer to this question is produced after considering the major factors of your current lifestyle and whatever is available to you.

Again, What is the best time to exercise and lose weight?

Grab a pen or a notepad if you are reading this right now and answer these questions:

  1. The best time to exercise to lose weight would be some time close to my work schedule where I still have enough time to do so, like 30 minutes up to 2 hours.
  2. The best time to exercise and lose weight before or after my work schedule would help me benefit more good sleep.
  3. The best time to exercise and lose weight would help me be more productive during the day.
  4. The best time to exercise and lose weight is also the time considering available resources that I might need.
  5. If I can prioritize losing weight, the best time to exercise would be some time if I can give up this activity.
  6. The best time to exercise and lose weight would fit my diet plan for best results.
  7. If my first, second, or third option did not help me lose weight after doing my exercises, I might be looking for an answer rather from these questions or I might not be doing it right.

Additional Information:

Intense morning exercise may lead to muscle loss instead of fat loss. If you exercise on an empty stomach and do a very intense workout your body may end up utilizing muscle mass for energy. That’s why it is important to have a good protein breakfast especially if you plan to exercise hard in the morning.

Here are some videos where we might find more information that would help.

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Hope this helps and all the best for your journey!

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