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Constipation | Constipated Discussion Talk Help Tips and Treatment

Constipated Woman

What is Constipation? How can you tell or how do you know if you are constipated?

Hi there! Are you one of our friends experiencing problems and dangers of constipation? Or you may be not sure? Constipation and being constipated come in various forms and symptoms. Regardless of the reason it is vital that you do not underestimate this problem which can lead to or caused by, a serious health condition, such as colon cancer. And so, we have here:

The 5 Most Common Symptoms if you are Constipated:
1. Irregular bowel movement or pooping
2. Hard, dry, and often small in size stools
3. Unexplained bloated feeling, abdominal discomfort, and sometimes gassy
4. Painful bowel movements
5. You felt unsatisfied after bowel. You’re done, but it still feels like you still have some in there.

What Causes Constipation?

Eat Dietary Fiber to help avoid constipation
There are actually tons of causes, and we’ll try to name most if not all of them. And these are at least the ones that has been proven by doctors. We now have here

The Top 17 Causes of Constipation:
1. Eating too many dairy products.
2. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
3. Lack of physical activity and exercise
4. Lack of fiber in your diet
5. Lack of water or fluids in your diet
6. Digestive problems that has something to do with the nerves and muscles.
7. Some drugs and medications
8. Stress
9. Hypothyroidism
10. Overusing or incorrectly using laxatives.
11. Neurological conditions
12. Colon cancer in some
13. Ignoring the urge to poop or pass stool
14. Anxiety or depression can cause it at times
15. Psychiatric problems brought by violence, trauma, etc.
16. Sudden changes in routine, diet, or lifestyle.
17. Colon problems or conditions (hemorrhage)

How do we treat constipation? What do I need to treat constipation fast?

I’ve read a lot of suggestions online and offline, and some that I have found meaningful came from Reader’s Digest. And so, to help our friends having difficulties due to constipation whether chronic or not, here’s our

Top 13 Most Effective Ways to Treat Constipation.

1. Sufficient Good Fluids Intake – especially water, about 5 to 10 glasses per day preferably.
2. Choose High Fiber Foods – found in vegetables and fruits. Raisins and Prunes.
3. Drink Coffee – Caffeine
4. Drink Lemon Water or water with lemon juice.
5. Drink Ginger Tea
6. Black Molasses – contains magnesium.
7. Healthy Fats – such as nuts, olive oil, and avocados. Act like lubricants.
8. Castor Oil – one that is legendary, 1 or 2 teaspoons on an empty stomach.
9. Physical Exercises – our bodies are designed to work and is part of the digestive routines.
10. Probiotic foods and supplements. – Visit our shop.
11. Prescription laxatives.
12. Cleansing and Detoxifying Supplements – preferred to be part of your way to treat constipation permanently. Supplements focusing on the problem which also contains necessary foods to ensure you treat it healthily.
13. Colon Cleansing Supplements – specially formulated supplements targeting the root cause.

Colon Health Supplement
Efficient for cleansing and detox, treats constipation. Try it.

The discussions around constipation is definitely huge, and some of the remedies may be needing to be discussed with a physician. The list of constipation treatments and remedies above are the most common that has given the fastest positive results.

Some doctors of course may not agree with some supplements, and that is completely understandable as a lot of them would of course prefer their own medicines.

Importance of Understanding and Treating Constipation?

Our Digestive Systems and Bowel Movement Health are at the center of everything that we are. More than half of diseases and illnesses are due to an unhealthy digestive system or bowel movement, while constipation is completely and closely related to these functions.

Skin health, beauty, and productivity are also directly affected if a person has an unhealthy digestive system, colon, and bowel movement. If you are one who experiences some of the symptoms above, and you always wanted to be productive, beautiful, and look good, you are at the right place to start and treat constipation fast or visit our shop for more healthy supplements that may best suit your needs.

Not everything may have been discussed and some may be discussed in another blog post in our website, but I’m leaving you our comments section for your insights. Let’s help our friends who seeks answers maybe for themselves, a relative, a loved one, or friends.

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