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Jonah Hill’s Workout And Transformation | Motivation

Jonah Hill Transformation and Boxing - Motivation

The very funny and famous actor Jonah Hill of JumpStreet and War Dogs recently appears as a good motivation in the celebrity fitness transformation topics.

Jonah Hill Feldstein, better known as Jonah Hill (born December 20, 1983) is an American actor, producer, screenwriter and comedian. The very famous actor in 21st and 22nd JumpStreet who acted as the smart, cute, little, chubby dude together with Channing Tatum. And also directed the video Danny Brown – Ain’t It Funny.

Not too recently, gave a lot of fans especially ones who are fond of health and fitness, probably one of the best fitness motivational stories around as also covered by several famous celebrity news blogs such as mensfitness and delish.

As also spotted by Entertainment Tonight, after gaining weight prior to his movie “War Dogs”, has trimmed down and showed good toned arms. And in another funny story as recorded in an interview at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, he told about the idea of wanting to trim down, asking Channing Tatum for recommendation, and getting in touch with a nutritionist. In the end, he accidentally sends and email of his present diet to Drake, whom definitely have no idea what it was all about.

And in a most recent update, he’s been spotted in a boxing gym hitting the mitts while on his simple black shirt, shorts, and pair of sneakers. Though not in the best and serious shoe pair for boxing, the actor/director appeared to be serious about staying fit for long.

To my opinion, in his current figure, looks like the funny old chubby Jonah is all set whenever he decides to, start taking in more protein and vitamins to gain more muscles. That sounds a bit exciting and a great motivation to a lot of fans for sure, and what kind of movie will he make next if that happens. And by then, you might just see him listed along with Chris Evans(Captain America), Chris Pratt, Hugh Jackman(Wolverine), Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds(Deadpool), Henry Cavill(Superman), and James McAvoy(Professor X), whom had similar stories.

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