Shape Up


Why is it important to have a Shape Up Plan? Simple, by nature humans tend to give up, do what’s forbidden, lose discipline, and gets easily distracted. On the contrary, when we have a well outlined plan, it makes our progresses easily tracked and our goals easier to achieve.

What do I need?

A good shape up plan should at least contain the following:

  1. Outlined Activity – an outline or list of exercise steps for your daily, weekly, and monthly activities. We prefer a progressive list of steps, for example: For total beginners and has never been into sports – Day one will be all warm up steps probably including some stretching, 10 minute walks, and other ordinary day to day exercises.
  2. A Tracker – I am a coach personally and believe me, nothing else will help you get things that need to be done, get done, than having a simple straightforward tracker – daily, weekly, monthly, and the entire plans time frame. This can be placed on a spreadsheet or even a simple blank sheet of paper. Track activities, diet, and goals.
  3. Health & Vitamins Supplements – working out is great for our bodies, but our bodies also need a lot of nutrient sources to perform tasks, grow, and improve efficiently. And of course your backup supplement has to be trustworthy and genuine. provides the best health supplements, dietary supplements, vitamins supplements, and more, that are manufactured in a time-tested environment in the UK.
  4. Healthy Diet Plan – this may sound simple, but you will have to consider several things. Consider not going too hungry after, budget, nutrients that your supplement does not supply you yet, and another simple tracker for your daily, weekly, and monthly consumption.
  5. Preparation Stage – never forget setting time for preparation, this is the time to plan, this is the time when you are about to start your Shape Up Plan. You have to make sure everything is planned according to your own schedule to avoid any hindrances that would break the chain and block the road to success. One to 3 days to think and consider everything would be sufficient.
  6. Dedication – whenever I want something so bad, and each time I don’t forget to put time on developing my dedication, I succeed. I usually talk to myself for a day or two, and tell myself that whatever it takes, never ever take my eyes off the target.

Additionally, a health and fitness instructor who can guide and assist or a buddy to do the tasks with. Nothing helps like having a buddy who shares the same activities as you do.

All of the above counts as your minimum requirements towards your fitness goals.

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